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Business Income

Tax is a major cost for all businesses and knowing what to pay and when is not always straight forward.  The rules are often complex and full of elephant traps for the unwary.  These briefings are intended to highlight some of the tax saving opportunities and tax hazards that you may not be aware of. Don't forget to also check out the briefings in the Making Tax Digital page.

Tax Relief for Low Emission Cars

Directors' Loans - Tips & Traps

New Allowances for Trading & Property Income

Business and private use - what you can and can't claim

The Cash Basis - a Brief Guide

Cash-in-Hand - beware!

Regret going limited? A limited opportunity to get your business out of the company

Keeping the Christmas Party tax free!

Pros and Cons of the VAT Flat Rate Scheme

Property Development - Investment or Trade?

Relief for early years' losses

Changes to National Insurance Contributions for the self employed