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HMRC investigations and tax skeletons in the cupboard

If there's one thing guaranteed to make you choke on your cornflakes it's receiving a letter from HMRC announcing an investigation, or 'compliance check' to use the current jargon. At Wortham Jaques we have a wealth of experience in handling difficulties with the taxman. Here are some pointers for you: 


HMRC investigations

If you are unfortunate enough to be selected for investigation, professional representation is vital from the very beginning of the investigation through to its conclusion. Please speak to us before making any response to the first approach from HMRC. All too often the initiative is handed to the investigating officer in the early stages of an investigation, either by the client or by an inexperienced adviser, making it very difficult to achieve a positive outcome.

We will take the initiative from the outset and ensure that the investigation is conducted strictly within the limits of HMRC's legal powers. The majority of investigations we have dealt with were concluded speedily, with little or no extra tax found to be due; in some cases the client ended up with a tax refund.

Even if your investigation is already under way we will be happy to provide a second opinion on its conduct, or take it over if you have concerns regarding its progress.

If you haven't had an investigation but are worried about the cost in case you do, relax! There’s no need to be. All our clients are offered a fee protection scheme which covers the cost of accountancy and other professional fees in the event of an investigation.

Tax skeletons in the cupboard?

Do you have tax skeletons rattling around in the cupboard, keeping you awake at night? Let us help you put things straight with HMRC. A voluntary disclosure keeps penalties to the minimum possible. We can usually agree an affordable payment plan to catch up on tax arrears and in most cases the whole process can be completed speedily and relatively painlessly.

If you are worrying about a tax issue please call us now to arrange a free and fully confidential first consultation. We will provide a frank and honest assessment of your situation and tell you what needs to be done to resolve it. And it probably isn’t as bad as you think; even if it is, the sooner you tackle it, the sooner you'll get a decent night's sleep again.

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